Providing Pine Mulch in the Cincinnati Area

Pine straw has long been a staple when it comes to mulching in the southern U.S.. In recent years it has started to catch on in the Midwest due to its attractive appearance and its many other benefits. But the issue in the Midwest is price and availability.

Price is a big issue due to transportation costs. Since we in the Cincinnati region do not have direct access to the straw, shipments have to be brought to the Midwest from the south. With the current price of fuel, this makes affordability difficult for retailers in this area.

Availability is another major issue that faces retailers in the Midwest. Southern companies tend to serve there own customers first, therefore having to avoid any major transportation cost to the Midwest. When the season is in full swing it is not uncommon for suppliers in the Midwest to run out of pine straw rather quickly. This causes a long delay for Midwest retailers in replenishing their inventory.

We at Cincinnati Pine Mulch have tried to find a way around these issues to better serve customers in the Midwest.

  • We have direct access to pine fields in Georgia eliminating any wait on shipments
  • We have our own independent operators to help with transportation eliminating middle man mark-ups on the material delivery
  • We have direct relationship with our balers and wholesale providers
  • We also bale the straw the same day we load it for delivery. It is fresh off the farm and has not been sitting around on a trailer.