Welcome to Cincinnati Pine Mulch!

Pine straw has long been a mulching staple in the southern U.S. and its catching on in the Midwest due to its attractive appearance, earthly tones, and natural benefits.  Unfortunately, price and availability prevent Cincinnatians from decorating landscapes with pine mulch, leaving us to resort to standard mulch.

The price of pine mulch is driven by transportation costs. Since Cincinnati has no direct access to straw, shipments are trucked in from the south. With high fuel prices, pine mulch becomes less affordable for retailers in Cincinnati, ultimately passing the expense onto customers.  With no direct straw access, and southern U.S. retailers serving their own customers first to avoid high transportation costs, pine mulch availability in the Midwest becomes an issue.   In high season,  its not uncommon for Midwest suppliers to run out of pine straw, and when its gone, its gone.  Replenishing inventory is costly and time consuming, and guess who waits…you!

Here’s where Cincinnati Pine Mulch comes in!  With direct access to Georgia pine fields, strong relationships with balers and wholesale providers, and independent transportation operators, we eliminate shipment delays and mark-ups on material delivery, allowing us to provide fresh-off-the- farm straw!  That’s right!  We bale the straw on the day of delivery, so your pine mulch won’t be sitting around in a trailer.  If you’re looking for pine straw mulch, you’ve come to the right place.  Explore our site, and when you’re ready, give us a call or shoot us an email.  We’ll answer all your questions, deliver, and decorate your landscape with the highest quality pine mulch in the Cincinnati area.

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