Pine Straw Benefits

Pine Straw vs. Traditional Mulch

There are clear advantages to using pine straw over traditional mulch.  To name a few, pine straw is eco-friendly, minimizes erosion, and healthy for both plants and soil.  Its lightweight and pest free, unlike bulky traditional mulch.  Pine straw is long lasting with an appealing, neutral color.

What Flourishes in Pine Straw?

Astilbes  Azaleas  BleedingHeartsBlueberries  Camellias  ChokeCherriesCinerarias  Coleus  FernsGeraniums  Hellebores  HostasHydrangas  LilyoftheValley  MagnoliasRhodies  Rhododendrons  RoseofSharonSnapdragons  Strawberries   More

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